Reageer op: Hamon, Mélenchon, Jadot en Macron


We hoeven het hem niet te vragen. We hebben immers Google. Hij heeft er zich allang over uitgesproken in een interview (begin 2016):

“Graeber: If you had people do whatever they wanted, they would come up with more meaningful and useful things to do with their time than what the current system is allocating. No one says they want to be a human resource consultant. Maybe they would write poetry or start a band. Ultimately the benefit to humanity is that they would most certainly be better off than working in our current system.

Host: Well the benefit of having a job is earning money

Graeber: Well, that is the problem. I am personally in favor or the basic income solution. If you just gave people money: Here is 30,000 pounds for everyone decide what you want to do. You would have less parasites than now. More people would come up with more interesting things.”

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